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Date:2007-05-17 08:21
Subject:Deceptive Signs
Mood: intimidated

BEWARE, these signs are deceptive.

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Date:2007-04-25 15:27
Mood: sick

If you don't like it throw it away.

I could not, but that is what I was told. My first experience of this was when I was offered a shirt. I said though the color was nice, the cut just wasn't me. To my horror it was unceremoniously thrown into the waste bin.


Surely there was some one that could have wanted or needed it, surely I could have kept it and worn it when I didn't want other sirts to be stained or destroyed ... but it was too late.

Again I was in the street. I had bought myself a bagel, but I could not finish it. I stood frozen when I realized what this meant. I looked at my friends and new that it would be improper to offer it to them, though in my country that is what we did. I looked around to see if there was anyone around (beggar, worker, poor person, etc) that could use a snack but could not afford one. But there was no one. I looked at the trash can. Only the ever hungry and unquenchable greed of the waste bin was interested in my half eaten bagel. I thought back to the poor farmers in the third world, many of whom I knew by name, who would barely have one meal a day for 4 to 6 months every year. I thought maybe there can be a way for me to send this to them. But before I knew it I had thrown my bagel into the half full basket of trash.

I knew then that I had been freed.

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Date:2007-04-23 11:27
Subject:I arrive and I am well
Mood: apathetic

Arrival into the US of A is quite the moment in one's life as a third worlder.  You wonder what the richest most powerful nation on earth looks like from the inside. It is like meeting a celebrity, you know the person's reputation but will they live up to that reputation?

Honestly I am hoping the US dose NOT live up to its reputation.

Many have told me that the "nice" Americans all live abroad and the "bad" ones are the ones that stay at home.

I hope this is not true.

Immigration held me in a room with other im-grants for 2 hours without telling us why. I think they wanted one of us to crack and say "I am a terrorist!" no one did.

I am in the country and I am ... in the country.

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